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iHTML Training
Time and Place

Our next training session is now scheduled

Dates: November 3rd to 6th 2003(4 days)
Times: 9:00am to 5:00pm (lunch provided)
Location: Inline Internet Systems Head Office, Mississauga ON, Canada

Cost: $695US per person
Payment must be received before the course starts
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Hotels Nearby (10 minute walk)

Holiday Inn
(905) 890-5700

Quality Inn
(905) 890-1200

If flying to Toronto, we are 15 minute drive from Lester B. Pearson Airport (YYZ). It might be worthwhile to fly in and stay over Saturday night or fly to Buffalo Airport and get a shuttle bus (2 hour ride)

Course Outline

iHTML is a powerful programming language for the web and while simple to use, it has some very advanced concepts. The 4 day training session is designed for those who wish to learn iHTML, improve their understanding of the iHTML Merchant, and apply their new iHTML knowledge to iHTML Merchant customization. The course will explore both products in great detail. The participant will come away from the sessions with a set of knowledge that will make them even more productive with iHTML and web database work in general.

Day 1:
- iHTML Installation (NT)
- iHTML Configuration and Maintenance
- iBPPE (backpage processor)
- Variables in iHTML
- Overview of commonly used tags (non-database)
- Introduction to advanced programming concepts

Day 2:
- Overview of SQL
- Introduction to database-to-web integration
- Database-to-web optimization
- Database utilization and security hints

Day 3:
- Overview and examples of lesser known tags
- iHTML related security issues
- Comprehensive iHTML Merchant Enterprise overview
- Recommendations for iHTML Merchant Mall owners

Day 4:
- Template creation for the iHTML Merchant
- Customizing the iHTML Merchant

What do you want to do with iHTML and the iHTML Merchant? In class examples are based on recommended problems, and are relevent to the people in the class. All code developed during class is provide to all attendees.

iHTML Topics

Basic Internet Background

  • TCP/IP
  • DNS
  • Web Servers
  • Browsers

Installation of iHTML

  • answering the install questions
  • differences between web servers
  • manual install

Theory of how iHTML works

  • loading file
  • parsing for <!ihtml> or <#ihtml>
  • parsing for <!ihtmlr> or <!ihtmlr>
  • parsing for tags
  • name spaces (global, local)

Introduction to the Language

  • colon variables
  • TAG's
  • resolution order

Colon Variables - Where they come from.

  • query string
  • post data
  • server environment
  • request environment
  • specialized tags - pop, sql
  • error conditions

Relational Database Theory

  • what is relational
  • tables
  • fields
  • primary keys
  • normal form
  • joins
  • indexes
  • identities

Structured Query Language

  • what is it
  • ODBC
  • IN
  • Stored Procedures
  • Getting data into and out of spís
  • Access vs. MS SQL
  • Transactions

The Technology Areas - Examples

  • traditional programming
  • flow control and error handling
  • internet specific functions
  • dynamic graphics creation
  • back page processing
  • database to web connectivity

Potential Problem Areas

  • name space conflicts
  • when to use colons and when not to
  • quotes, double and single and HTML
  • closing tags
  • unexpected result sets
  • unexpected errors

TroubleShooting Techniques

  • error blocks
  • Authoring modes
  • Thread Local Heap Dump
  • reducing the file down
  • using iPUSH
  • using MS Query

Speed Optimization Techniques

  • using Socrates
  • loops and common mistakes
  • using stored procedures
  • * vs explicitly named columns
  • cleanup of variables
  • minimize variables in a loop
  • query caching
  • allocation granularity
  • when to peek

Bandwidth Optimization Techniques

  • Very short names
  • <iFormat> to reduce whitespace
  • minimal cookies
  • Short URLS for links and objects

Advanced Techniques

  • Recursion
  • Macros
  • Financial transactions
  • Logging user data

Future Directions

  • Stateful Transactions
  • Browser neutrality
  • Context handling
  • Supertags

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